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1400W Profile moving head wash light

1.Taking OSRAM Lok-it 1400-PS_Brilliant lamp, CRI can be more than 93
2.Equipped with high quality Germany Reflector, enables spot uniformity more than 80%
3.Zoom range can be freely changed between 6.5°-55°
4.Uniform and Smooth CMY+CTO color mixing system
5.With modularized construction design, after exchange of the assembly, the light will be fast changed into spot light, which decreases the cost largely for the user. Besides, it can also makes easily maintenance


Light source: OSRAM lok-it 1400-PS_Brilliant
Color temperature: 6500K
life: 750Hs
Spot uniformity up to 80%


CMY+CTO color mixing system, the color is even, smooth and pure.
1 color wheel: 7 fixed color chips + white light, half color effect, color plate can be positioned at will, rainbow effect with two-way rotation


1 rotating gobos : 7 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
1 fixed gobos : 7 plug-in fixed gobos + white circle, with pattern dithering function 1 dynamic effect plate: Matching pattern plate, color plate, etc., making a dynamic simulation of the dynamic vibration of the dynamic, turbulent water, etc.
Gobos are pluggable and Support customization


PAN=540°, PAN precision: 2.11°/step, FINE: 0.008°/step
TILT=270°, TILT precision: 1.05°/step, FINE: 0.004°/step
Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, quiet and smooth

Product video

Technical parameter
Input Voltage AC200-240V 50/60Hz Power Consumption 1790W
color temperature 6500k Luminous flux 120000cd
Light holder PGJ28 Lok-it Power conversion 1400W/1200W
Light effect Total Luminous flux Output 36000lm
Light source OSRAM lok-it 1400-PS_Brilliant CRI Ra≥ 93,R9≥ 90
Uniformity >80% CMY CMY+CTO color mixed system
Color plate 7 Color pieces+White light Gobo 1 Rotation gobo plate; 7 Plug-in rotation pieces+ white circle, 1 Fixed Gobo plate: 7 fixed gobo pieces+ white circles, 1 dynamic wheel
Cutting module 90° rotation Control protocol DMX, Art-Net, RDM, Wireless control (optional)
IRIS 5%~99% smooth change ,changes spot size, optional aperture pulse function Prism One prism by Bi-directional rotating quad prism
Dimmer Mechanical and 0-100% linear electronic dimmer Strobe Multiple speed strobe effects
Zoom Range 6.6°~58° Channel Mode 29/34/37 Channels
Size 470*432*852mm N.W. 45Kg

Housing Dimensions

1400W led profile moving head light

Illuminance Map