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when start the LED screen,reminds”haven’t found LED screen system”

    Failure reason:

    1.VGA cable USB cable haven’t connect with sending card

    2.PC VGA port broken or USB port broken

    3.VGA cable broken or USB cable broken

    4.sending card broken

    5.haven’t install USB driver


    1.check and assure VGA cable connection

    2.replace PC

    3.replace VGA cable

    4.replace sending card

    5.install latest version software or install USB driver separately

Showing Shadow or unclear image

    Failure reason:

    1.RCG incorrect

    2.the signal cable between LED screen & PC,is too long or disqualified

    3.sending card broken

    Troubleshooting: RCG file

    2.Replace a shorter signal cable

    3.replace sending card

Showing same image on each cabinet

    Failure reason:

    1.not sending con file


    1.Sending con file,and make sure the signal cable at PC side,is connecting with the closer port to green light in sending card

LED screen at low brightness & obscure image

    Failure reason:

    1.RCG file incorrect

    2.wrong setting on function card


    1.recover sending card default setting, and save

    2.Setting monitoring minimum brightness exceed 80

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