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MHG Announces New MH-L550-PROFILE moving head Light

Date : 04-23, 2020

MH-L550-PROFILE has excellent light quality, powerful functions, and excellent performance. It is suitable for theaters, large show, live performances and other performance venues, creating an excellent experience for dance lighting creative.

Volume | Weight | Life

The weight of MH-L550-PROFILE (including hook) is only 32KG, which is smaller and lighter than similar lights in the industry.

The life of the light source is ≥ 20,000 hours, and there is almost no need to replace the lamp during the lifetime.


Core performance · Zoom range

As a high-power LED profile moving head light, MH-L550-PROFILE adopts a new and efficient optical system, 4.5 ° -53.5 ° intelligent linear zoom, 11 times zoom range, , with 149MM light objective, The beam can be kept sharp and thick at any angle, and the pattern image is clear.

Core performance · Framing system

The MH-L550-PROFILE Framing system consists of 4 cutting blades, The entire cutting module can be rotated by 90 °, which is convenient for designers to program, and the cutting edge is straight without burrs and without deformation.

Core performance · Precise positioning

MH-L550-PROFILE uses magnetic encoder technique and cooperates with intelligent software system to make X / Y positioning smoother and more accurate.

Core performance · Linear dimming

Theater-grade dimming performance, 0 ~ 100% linear dimming, 4 kinds of dimming curves are optional, can light up at ultra-low brightness, smooth and delicate dimming

Core Performance · Color System

MH-L550-PROFILE CRI is above 92. CMY+CTO color mixing system, the color is even, smooth, rich and pure.

Highlight. The overall output is powerful, with an illumination of 66950lux at 5 meters. At the same time, the light spot is even and clean.

Core performance · Bidirectional rotating prism

MH-L550-PROFILE uses bidirectional rotating prism, which can greatly enrich the stage effect. Electronic strobe effect, strobe frequency can reach up to 25Hz, and can choose random strobe and pulse strobe.

With 2 independent atomizing mirrors, shallow and medium atomizing, both can be used independently or can be superimposed. The light transmission of shallow atomization reaches 90%.

Core performance · ultra-mute design

The intelligent temperature detection system can automatically adjust the wind speed according to the temperature of the lamp body, effectively solving the problem of the excessive noise of the stage lights. At the same time, the fan mode (silent, automatic, powerful) can also be selected according to the site The noise is as low as 45db.

I am MH-L550-PROFILE, I am here, waiting for you