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MHG lighting fixture outshine the rest on the Palm Expo Show

Date : 08-10, 2019

First day on the Palm Expo Show Beijing, come to MHG booth: 1-1201 to check our newest lighting fixture.

1. MHG new launched 380W/470W/550W BSW moving head light is full and sharp in BEAM mode, spot is even and clean, color is pure . The beam light is equipped with 2 prism plates, a total of 5 prisms, which can be combined in pairs to achieve up to 11 prism effects. which opening a new horizon for the visitors!.

BSW led moving head light mhgbeam light for stage

gobo light for stage

2. The 1000W/1200W high power profile/gobo/wash LED moving head lights adopts high-definition light source, CRI is above 90, and the spot uniformity is up to 90%. The illuminating lens of the luminaire has a diameter of 188mm and a linear smoothing zoom of 6°~50°, which has reached the leading level in the industry and brings a new perception and experience to visitors

led moving head light

led stage light, moving head wash light

3. The most popular is RGBALC LED Fresnel light and source four ellipsoidal light, Add Amber (amber), Lime (cyan), Cyan (cyan) to RGB, CRI>95, R9>90, besides, We have added some new features based on customer needs like

1.RDM romote control
2.Program updates (485 interface) 
3.RF romete control optional 
4.High refresh rate LED refresh frequency 18KHz

what's more: OEM service allowed.

source four led leko lightled fresnel spotlight

ellipsoidal lightMHG group

The palm expo show will last until the 12th, Wonderful continues, welcome you soon