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Moving Head Zoom Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head

1. Combined Spot, Beam, Wash in one fixture.

2. High efficiency 550W gas discharge bubble, long life and strong penetration.

3. X / Y positioning is smooth and accurate.

4. Modular design for easy production, test and maintenance.

5. Colorful and changeable patterns.

6. Small size, light weight.

7. Professional thermal system design to ensure best heat dissipation.


Optical System

Light Source: USHIO NSL550

Optical Angle: BEAM mode:2°-25°

SPOT mode:3°-36°

WASH mode:4°-34°

CRI: 85

Electrical Specification

Input Voltage: AC100~240v,50/60Hz

Power: 730W

Power Connector: POWERCON

Signal Connector: 3-PIN and 5-PIN XLR

Control System

Mechanical Movement: Pan 540 °, Tilt 270 ° (8-16bit scanning)

Dimming: Linear 0-100%, 4 dimming curves

Cooling System: Forced convection

Control Protocol: DMX, RDM, W-DMX (wireless optional)

Strobe: Mechanical strobe, Max. @14Hz , random / pulsed(optional)

Channel Mode: 17CHS, 23CHS, 26CHS

Others: Self-rechargeable buffer battery, edit menu under nopower state, LCD screen.

Working Environment

Working Temperature: 0-45°

IP Rating: IP20

Dynamic Effects

Rotating Gobo Wheel: 8 interchangeable gobos + open

Static Gobo Wheel: 11 gobos + open + animation effect

Color Wheel: 13 dichroic color filters + open, Rainbow effectwith bi-directional and variable speeds

Animation wheel: With flame and water running effect .

CMYK: CMY mixing system + CTO + CTB

Prism: Rotating 8 prism + strip prism, bi-directional rotatingat variable speeds, and positioning function

Focus: Motorized linear focus

Frost: 0 ~ 100%

Physical Specification

Size: 374×364×684 mm / 14.72”×14.33”×26.93”

N. W.: 25kg / 55.1lb

Housing: Flame-retardant plastic

Color: Black




Parts of led moving head


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