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LED screen is not working and green light on sending card is flicking

    Failure reason:

    1.No power support for LED screen

    2.Signal cable is not well connected

    3.No power support or low voltage for receiving card

    4.sending card broken

    5.the device or the connection have problem during signal transmission


    1.Check to confirm the main power line connection

    2.Reconnect signal cable

    3.power up the receiving card and make sure voltage is between 5-5.2V

    4.replace sending card

    5.check the device and its connection for signal transmission process

LED screen is not working and green light on sending card is NOT flicking

    Failure reason:

    1.DVI cable is not well connected

    2.Graphic card setting incorrect

    3.LED software turned off the power

    4.Sending card is not well connected or disqualified


    1.Check DVI port

    2.Re-setting dulplicate mode

    3.Turn on LED screen power on software sending card or replace another one

Not working for part module(3-6pcs)

    Failure reason:

    1.power supply protection or broken

    2.AC power cable at bad connection

    Troubleshooting: to assure the main power well connected main power line

Not working on whole cabinet

    Failure reason:

    1.The 220V power cable haven’t well connected

    2.signal cable abnormal

    3.receiving card broken

    4.Hub card dislocation connection


    1.check main power line

    2.check to assure good connection on signal cable;or replace another signal cable

    3.replace receiving card hub card

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