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"Sing a Song for the Party" concert was grandly held

Time : 2022-08-04 Hits : 13

      On July 22, in order to strengthen the Provincial Capital, Celebrating the 20th National Congress, "Sing a Song for the Party" hosted by the Xingsha Choir was grandly held in the Minghe No. 1 Studio. 

      With the theme of "sing a song for the party", through generous and heroic passionate melodies, inspiring red songs, it vividly shows the sincere feelings of Chinese people for the Communist Party of China and the firm determination "always follow the party". Let us relive the century-old party history in the melodious music, stick to the original mission, and continue to forge ahead.


      Minghe Group provides customized services for this event, including hardware supporting facilities, audio-optical system, stage design and installation, and technical support. Moving Head beam (MH-550-BEAM),  Moving Head BSW(MH-550-BSW), their rich colors, changeable patterns, can achieve more harmonious light effect matching and color changes. Provide more creative space for the artistic design of each program performance, rendering a passionate stage atmosphere. 

     What a feast for listening to visual music!